The difference between black and white
(if my last post did not get through this will confuse you) speaking of harems and stuff, is only the main person in trouble or do they all burn?

It depends on the people in it… I would guess…

I belive the previous anon meant somthing along the lines of: "Plural marage" will that get us in trouble or how does that work? And is being faithful somthing smiled upon. Ect.

Be faithful. That is yama approved as white.

Since your near up top (as far as we see) you might know. How does one go about becoming an employe of the after life services? Or if thats confidentual, at least reaper status?

You would need to go to reaper school, although the graduation requirements are quite strict…its unknown how komachi did such a thing…


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Uhm….I don’t understand…

Lots of really awsome people seem to wear hats, does that make you a great person too?

Of course it does


It is nice in moderation.

Yama, you have a guy named "Hitler" pass through here? I'm looking for him.

I cannot tell you.

all spirits who come through here, and where they go is strictly confidential.

This made me cry… r.i.p.Mami

I drew capn…

Looks somewhat good…

I drew capn…

Looks somewhat good… I AM CONTENT